Epic fail

It won’t work,

you know

Anheuser-Busch, humbled by its mistake of partnering with Dylan Mulvaney, has devised a plan to compensate its distributors. As per a report by The Wall Street Journal, the distributors will be given a case of Bud Light for each of their employees as a way of apologizing for the brewery’s error.

Nice try, losers!

It appears that Heinerscheid [who is responsible for this crappery] believed that the brand should target the demographic of adult males who behave like young girls. However, Heinerscheid failed to comprehend that Bud Light’s core customers, who made it the most popular beer in the country (though not for much longer), would not want to associate themselves with a beer that collaborates with Dylan Mulvaney and legitimizes his fetish for acting like a chick.

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