Anti-scientific stance Bad Faith

Oh! So

one dose is enough, now. Did the SCIENCE change, or just the politics? Methinks it’s the latter…

The FDA and CDC recently announced that previously unvaccinated Americans can now receive only a single dose of the bivalent Moderna or Pfizer mRNA vaccines. To be clear, this is not saying they can choose to have one or two doses and be considered fully vaccinated either way — only one dose is available to them. 

… In practice, these policy changes will probably not affect many people. The approximately 30% of Americans who have refused all COVID-19 vaccines for over 2 years — often for political reasons and because of widespread misinformation [ed. REALLY?] — are unlikely to change their attitudes merely because they are now limited to receiving only a single bivalent vaccine dose... Even so, it’s worth exploring what lies behind what just happened.

It is a face-saving fallback position. DUH! The science doesn’t support ONE injection, let alone two or more. It never did. The author of this article is pathetically unscientific and rigidly biased, but still has to report that only one injection is now required (or even available). Must be hard for him. Baby steps…

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