Epic fail Evil Illegal Immigration

Well, Biden

SHOULD be hammered! What “Biden” has done is inexcusable–it is just evil! It is a total violation of his oath of office to protect the country from all enemies.

Things are about to get even uglier with the expiration of Title 42

Strap in, because in regard to “Biden” screwing things up and making things bad for normal people, he is FAR from done, yet!

Biden’s feckless folly has helped Trump refocus and play to one of his greatest strengths: his no-nonsense approach to border security. His uncompromising candor on the subject is what initially began drawing voters to what was thought to be a longshot candidacy when he first came down the escalator.

… The Mexican border is long past the point of merely being a concern for those of us who live near it. In their efforts to mint new voters overnight, the Democrats are willing to roll out the red carpet for organized crime and terrorists.

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