Election Integrity Immorality

Can’t we be

a little more like England? What’s WRONG with Leftists who oppose vote security?

There were no reports of widespread denial of voting by recently implemented voter identification (ID) requirements in England’s local elections this week, despite left-wing scaremongering, The National Pulse can report.

… Before Britain introduced voter ID, it was the only nation in Europe that did not have any requirements upon entering the voting booth.

The Lefty squealing about denial of voting is all just a damned lie, anyway. C’mon, Lefties, get with this century! You should be embarrassed…

Just as in the United States, the claim has been consistently made that minorities would be disenfranchised by the new rules. This race-baiting claim was put to rest in so-called “super diverse” English city of Leicester, where more than 59 percent of residents have a minority background. 

Moral dirtbags. They just want to cheat and voter ID makes it harder for them to do so. DUH!

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