Age-related decline Captain Obvious

Yeah, but does

anyone honestly think that Biden is actually driving the bus? Anyone with greater than room-temperature IQ, that is.

Oh sure, wacky Democrat partisan hacks may say that Biden is running things, but it’s not as if they actually believe it! No one does. Certainly a majority of Americans don’t.

And people are fleeing this rickety old crap-wagon:

Rice leaving raises a new question: who exactly is steering this sinking ship? Ron Klain, the man whom people used to talk about as being in charge, is gone. Now Rice, the Obama connection, is gone, too. Things were already so bad; who is at the helm here? We know there are still folks behind the scenes directing Biden’s every move. But has there been a break within the powers that be, with the Obama connection ducking out?

… They can keep trying to lie to the American people, but we can see what’s going on in front of our own eyes.

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