Darwinian Evolution


This article claims:

Humans are a strange exception to this club. For some reason, recipes long preserved by our ancient ancestors were suddenly ‘spiced up’ within a short evolutionary period of time.

“Spiced up.” For “some reason.” How, uhm, scientific. So like a crappy novel writer, just say “magic” solved everything. In an “evolutionary short” period of time. Hmmm…

Can we get some material and/or efficient causes, here? Maybe I just can’t believe hard enough. Help thou mine unbelief…

OK, back to the article: So just where did this presumed “spice” come from? I mean, statistics tell us that the odds are amazingly low that all these changes would happen all at once by chance alone–even over 14 or so billion years–the age of the Universe. We just don’t have enough statistical “headspace”–there’s simply not enough time for the numbers to even be remotely plausible. Plus, the age of inhabitable earth is not anywhere near that of the universe.

Oh, and another thing, just one or two changes would NOT have “survival value”for the organism–in fact, large changes would be catastrophic to the organism, and they would never live long enough to reproduce. So ALL of those changes have to happen in concert.

And then, this is new genetic information that codes the new proteins for the new organelles and body plans and such. New.

So, just where did this new genetic information come from? It wasn’t there before. And it logically could NOT have come solely from random mutations–the math/probability/logic just doesn’t work! The hard data we have is simply not supportive of a “random chance” hypothesis.

The purely chance model the writer seems to embrace is logically bankrupt! You have to take it on faith. But I’m just not enough of a “believer” to be converted to the religion of Neo-Darwinian evolution…

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