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I’m telling

you, Joe is facing some headwinds. But the Democrat big-wigs were fine with him during the election.

WaPo says:

Mr. Biden is turning into a news media evader, and it’s harmful to his presidency and the nation…. (A news conference involves the president taking questions from multiple reporters; a one-on-one interview with a handpicked journalist doesn’t count.) So far in 2023, Mr. Biden has done zero solo news conferences…. It is widely known that Mr. Biden is gaffe-prone and that news conferences are not his forte. But as he runs for a second term, he should be eager to show he can handle all aspects of the job. Pick up the microphone, Mr. President. The media is not your enemy.

Well, that’s where they are wrong; The media ARE his enemy. Oh, they will happily cover for him, of course. But they are still going to (kind of) have to pretty much have to say how befuddled he is!

Everyone knows that the MSM’s chosen role is to prop up Joe Biden. DUH! But even they pose a threat to puddin’-head! Because at some point someone will blurt out publicly that the President is wearing no clothes…

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