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What a HUGE misstep this was! People need to be fired. And an abject apology from A-B. But it will never happen. If they admitted the depth of their mistake, cleaned house, and abjectly apologized they might be able to rebound. But again they won’t.

I’m not at all sure Bud Light will even survive. I mean, it probably will–A-B is huge and is counting on this whole thing blowing over after a few weeks or months. And it might.

BUT, there is starting to be a cultural shift among beer drinkers where people don’t want to be seen with a Bud Light. It has become a meme, a cultural signpost. And it is starting to infect other INBEV brands.

See, regular people are torqued about being hosed over again and again by soi-disant elites. They are incensed by the grotesque and in-your-face unequal justice re: Hillary Clinton, the Epstein clients, Hunter & Joe Biden, etc, etc, etc. ALL these people are both guilty as Hell and free as birds.

The fact that A-B would use a pathetic cross-dresser to advertise their beer just shows you how out of touch they are. It pulls the curtain back. Honestly, what would you have to believe in order to do THIS? It just seems like an assault on who you ARE.

And understand the broader context. YOUR hard-earned money keeps being sent to Ukraine–a famously corrupt state that Biden bragged about interfering with to protect himself and his son. Indeed, there is a strong suspicion that this is yet another Biden scam, at least in part.

I mean, the IRS is not a forgiving bunch, yet Hunter was allowed to get something like a million bucks behind in taxes? YOU try that and see if you’re not stylin’ the latest shade of orange!

People are just sick of the manifestly unequal justice. They feel helpless and victimized. And so when “Tranheuser-Busch” tried to ram tranny crap onto beer drinkers, there was suddenly a viable target for regular people. Thus, A-B got the brunt of people’s righteous anger–what A-B did was just another in a long line of affronts to normal people. And people could make them pay–the people were not powerless.

Democrats should take heed of this massive undercurrent of anger. People are looking to take the mickey out of them in 2024. Sure, Democrats will depend on voter fraud, but the backlash is real–ask Joe Manchin…

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