Current Events

Trump is

the one to beat.

When Trump related (in semi-mocking fashion) E. Jean Carroll’s rape allegations against him, the crowd was animated and laughing at Trump’s funny delivery. If CNN was hoping Collins’ line of questioning would make Trump come off as unlikeable or misogynist, then they failed miserably. If there were any skeptics in that crowd, Trump had won them over at the end.

Whether Florida Governor Ron DeSantis enters the 2024 race or not, this savvy move by Trump to be first out the gate with a one-on-one with a legacy media station with whom he has been combative has left its mark. Trump is still a formidable candidate and will be the one to beat for the Republican nomination and for the presidency.

My “dream team” is a Trump/DeSantis ticket. I really hope we see that. I think it would be unbeatable.

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