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It’s TNN

now: Trump News Network.

The entire event played to Trump’s strengths: he was aggressive; he was funny, and transgressively funny at that… 

Trump under fire from the Left draws nothing but admiration from most Republicans, who constantly feel that they are scurrilously attacked but rarely see a defender willing to go dirty to defend them. Trump defending himself deploys the methodologies they wish Republican politicians would use to defend them. And so, CNN boosted Trump. [emphasis added]

Democrats ignore the underlying anger, but it is at their own peril. It’s what happens when you are cloistered in Lefty fever swamps–you get amazingly out-of-touch with how regular people are feeling.

Trump’s “gift” is that though he is a billionaire, he is very much a “man of the street.” He is the candidate, warts and all, of the common man. And Joe Biden is the exact opposite!

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