Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Squalor

Know the

history! It keeps you from doing the same stupid things…

Sixty-six of Jamestown’s initial 104 colonists died within six months, most from famine. Only 60 out of 500 arrivals two years later survived that long. The consequences of this “starving time” included cannibalism. The problem was that all accumulated wealth was to be held “for the common good.” The fruits of people’s efforts forcibly went to others, with disastrous results.

Eventually Jamestown and Plymouth moved to systems where people could produce for their own benefit. Each man was given three acres of land, in exchange for a lump-sum tax of two and a half barrels of corn, and communal work was limited to one month (not during planting or harvest). In addition to creating private property, this made the marginal tax rate on most of colonists’ efforts zero, turning indolence into industry. Rather than starving, they became exporters of corn to the Indians. And the seeds to create the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen was sown.

Leftism always leads to human suffering and misery. PLEASE understand that!

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