Evil Political Strategy

Look, here is

Biden’s gambit: Talk a bunch about how “White Supremacy” is SO prevalent and SO dangerous. Then call anyone who disagrees with Biden, Inc. a “White Supremacist,” regardless of their skin color.

So a Black or Hispanic that disagrees with “him?” White Supremacists… Yeah, THAT’S the ticket!

Because the next step is to arrest all the “White Supremacists.” And voilà, all those who do not support “Biden”are thrown into jail! Opposition is functionally illegal, while at the same time making the despots revel in their own “righteousness” in punishing White Supremacists!

The January 6 prisoners are a test run. See who will stand up for them…. And see who will become a modern NAZI prison guard (I’m looking at YOU, Ben Shapiro!)

Yes, the NAZIs are back. And they are FAR too self-unaware to recognize themselves as budding concentration camp guards. But they are.

Think I’m joking? Just you watch…

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