Current Events

I still am skeptical

that it will ever happen.

But let’s be honest: It has already gone MUCH further than I thought it would!

The truth is, I was wrong. Let’s see if it keeps proving me wrong. I hope so.

After Tuesday night’s special election in Oregon, the Greater Idaho Movement has claimed victory in 12 Eastern Oregon counties. The movement’s proposal calls for 14 full counties in Eastern Oregon to move to Idaho, as well as the eastern side of a number of other counties in Central Oregon.

… The proclaimed victory now means that all three Oregon counties that border Idaho — Wallowa, Baker and Malheur — have voted in favor of the movement.

And even if the movement ultimately fails, it shows just how fed-up those in Eastern Oregon ARE! And I don’t think we can stuff that genie back into the bottle in any case. The desire to not be associated with and dominated by Portland is very strong,

So regardless of the outcome, Oregonians need to face the clear and obvious schism within their state! This can’t just be papered over with happy talk.

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