Deception Despicable

It’s a decent


But I think there is a FAR more likely explanation. “Biden” is saying that “White Supremacy” is a HUGE problem right now. And there is a reason for that.

In my LIFE, have I ever met someone who is openly a White Supremacist? Not that I can think of, and I lived for years in the South! And I was in a position where I spoke in private to a TON of people native to that area!

So why is Biden talking about what a threat this is? Battle-space preparation, my friend. It is strategy. One can say, “No, it isn’t a big threat.” And “Biden’s” response? “Yeah, that’s just what a disgusting White Supremacist would say!”

See, there is VERY little sympathy among us regular regular people for White Supremacists. There are very few of them, and virtually all of us agree that they are wackos.

So, what “Biden” is doing is defining anyone who disagrees with him as a White Supremacist (or at least a racist and bigot). THEN he will crack down on that opposition, perhaps even throwing them in jail (see: January 6 protestors).

In other words, he will use this to make opposition illegal. In this way, he plays to the over-inflated egos of his followers while simultaneously crushing his political enemies.

Trust me, THAT is the plan! And Debate Trump? No, because he is (wait for it, waaaait for it) a White Supremacist.

But it is just a gambit, an empty strategy. Don’t be fooled!

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