Political Strategy

I’ve warned you!

THIS is the Democrat strategy: Call anyone who disagrees with you a White Supremacist (even though they are clearly not), then pound the crap out them for being… a White Supremacist. Thus you cloak your purge in the snooty, self-righteous garb of faux “anti-racism.”

This is a variation on a theme. We have seen this before, with the Left calling anyone they disagree with “HITLER.” But that has gotten pretty old and stale. So they then moved on to, “Racist.”

But now that is a punch line. So now they’re turning to “White Supremacist.” BUT, they need any excuse not to deal in the currency of reason and persuasion!

I don’t know what will be next (maybe ‘white privilege?’). But you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be something!

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