We ALL can

agree that Trump was a very good President. And I will happily vote for him again if he is the nominee (just as Trump supporters should happily vote for DeSantis if HE is the nominee).

But let’s be honest, here, and call it like it is: DeSantis was WAY ahead of Trump when it came to COVID-19. Oh yes, I understand that there were different pressures on each one. But still, we have to admit that DeSantis handled it better.

Again, that is NOT to say that Trump didn’t do better than the wacky Democrats would have, even though he had to deal with the Wormtongue-like Anthony Fauci. But when we look at the bottom line, DeSantis did better. Case closed.

Is that the ONLY issue? No, of course not, but let’s be clear-headed about the facts!

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