Bad Faith Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

“A legacy of harm

for hundreds of millions of people.”

Yes, the response to COVID-19 was an unmitigated disaster for the US Federal government as well as local ones (including Trump’s response, as understandable as it was). But the actual science behind such responses was a freakin’ nightmare!

The question is whether the epidemic + government restrictions on freedom was better or worse than the epidemic alone would have been. And the answer is, worse. The net effect of government responses was catastrophically bad. [emphasis added]

We need to pay attention to the science, here! And scientifically, the Left (rather intentionally) made a holy mess of it. A dog’s breakfast.

See, Lefty response was NOT just an inadvertent train wreck–an innocent mistake. No, it was specifically designed to gain power and to subjugate anyone who dared to think differently, or for themselves.

And too many people who should have known better went bleatingly along–because it concretized or reified the biases they already had–it was very literally the divination of their pre-conceived notions. It very quickly devolved into a pure Manicheanistic duality.

And it was easy! All that had to happen (as with medical providers) was for it to be made profitable and easy and painless to go along with, while at the same time there were draconian, even catastrophic repercussions for any rebellion!

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