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Look, Lefties,

denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!

It was possible to dismiss the ABC News/Washington Post poll a couple weeks back that had dismal numbers for Joe Biden as an outlier, but then the Harvard/Harris poll reported similar dismal results for Biden. And now CNN joins the pile on, with a poll showing Biden’s approval rating continuing to slump all the way down to 35 percent. [emphasis added]

35% WOW! THAT is an eye-popping number! And those are almost for sure the hardcore “dead-ender” Lefty hacks–there is no one left (Left?) to win over! To quote “This Is SpinalTap,” Biden’s appeal is becoming more… selective.

I have said before that I don’t think it can go below about 33%. So we are at pretty much rock-bottom now. I simply don’t think it can go significantly lower, from a variance/stats point of view. There just aren’t enough “degrees of freedom” left in play for it to mathematically do so.

I assume that Biden’s approval will jump to about 43% as the election nears. Just a guess. So let’s NOT be shocked and dismayed when it does. It is NOT a “comeback.” I don’t even think it is particularly meaningful. The psychopathological denial and hatred of the other side will pull hard on many Leftists, and so the number will naturally rise. But still:

These look like the kind of weak numbers President George H.W. Bush showed before Pat Buchanan stunned Bush with 40 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary in 1992.

<Gavin Newsom puts a little more hair gel in>

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