Epistemology Science

Science will

make limited claims about what appears to be the case (or technically, what appears NOT to be the case). But religion and philosophy make claims about what SHOULD BE.

Any halfway wise scientist understands that. Otherwise, it is mere Scientism, a sort of armchair speculation–a manifestation of a set of cultural beliefs.

And “scientists” who claim to have proven TRUTH are not actual scientists at all. They need to go back and read Karl Popper! (there is no verification, only tentative falsification)

The ONLY way to “prove” something true scientifically is to account for ALL variables (both known and unknown, including space and time). And that is not possible. In short, there is only correlation, NO CAUSATION.

And anything with a 100% correlation is, by definition, trivial.

So is science useful? OF COURSE! I myself am a scientist. But we need to acknowledge the very real limits on what science can reveal to us.

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