Current Events

I think the

debt ceiling deal is good for Republicans, but more in setting the stage for the future. But I disagree with this article that McCarthy had a weak hand–I think he had a moderately good hand and played his cards well.

Now a moderately good hand is NOT four aces. McCarthy didn’t have four Aces.

I think the frustration for many conservatives is that we are frequently sold a plan with promises of tomorrow. But (to bastardize a famous song) tomorrow is always a day away!

So the frustration is that we are sick of being gaffed off, and we want change NOW! I get that.

But realistically, we need a true Conservative as President and Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate. THAT is the reality.

Until then, we can only lay the groundwork, fight hard, and hope that tomorrow actually comes, that the long night of the Lefty Orc finally ends and the dawn peeks over the mountains in the East.

Have courage.

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