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Please noooo!

Not Chick-Fil-A! Say it ain’t so!

It is SOOOOO disappointing and discouraging. I don’t even drink, so I don’t care if Bud Light goes down the flushy river. And no longer going to Kohl’s is no big deal at all. They can die as far as I care. Dick’s? Dead to me.

But Chick-Fil-A is a wrench. And SO unexpected, to boot! Well, OK, they asked for it! It’s truly unreal.

And what is funny is that it won’t make Lefties suddenly start going there. No, it mainly means that Conservatives are so offended that they will no longer eat there. Lefties will, of course, still hate them.

They spent all these years saying that they were a good Christian company–closed on Sundays and all that. And now they have thrown it away for this! Staggering stupidity!

If CFA were smart, it would immediately renounce this crappery, shut up, and go back to what it actually knows–making delicious chicken.

But Leftism is like really bad crotch rot–once it starts feeding on a victim, it almost never really leaves. Borg-like, it gradually transforms its victims. Next thing you know you’re Darth Vader–more (Lefty) machine than man…

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