Hypocrisy Lefty Squalor

Yeah, WISE

people are very careful about living in a Democrat-run place!

Of course, many Leftists know better than to actually live in a Lefty place. THEY are sure as heck not moving to Portland, Oregon!

They know that such a place is or will soon be a total Hell-hole. So they actually live in conservative places where they can simultaneously sponge off the wiser people and prance and preen and posture at how elevated and “woke” they are and how good they are for tolerating the benighted knuckle-draggers that live in their area.

But they are safe being this way, because other people (you know, those benighted knuckle-draggers) pick up the slack and make wise choices.

But they themselves would never live in a place that actually implemented their cockamamie ideas! Burglars don’t rob their house because their next-door neighbors are armed. These poseurs are “free riders,” which is why they live there in the first place!

What a disgusting sham…

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