Civil Rights Evil

School shooters

may be crazy, but they’re not stupid!

We absolutely know how to make school shootings a VERY rare event. It’s just that Lefties love political power more than they love the safety of children.

If teachers’ and administrators’ first priority were to prevent harm to kids, they would arm themselves and get rid of the stupid “gun-free zone” nonsense. But no, they love power more! Let’s call a heart heart and a spade a spade.

Stupidest. Thing. EVAH! (that is, if your first priority were to protect kids)

But just think of the political earthquake that would happen if 20% of teachers started carrying and regularly voted to preserve that right! THAT is why Leftists are against arming teachers! It is a lust for power, pure and simple. And if a few kids have to die in order for them to preserve their power…

Yeah, you think gun control works in the United States–if you’re a simpleton!

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