Free Speech

The value of Musk

allowing more free speech on Twitter goes WAY beyond his own platform. Because of his commitment to openness, other sites are going to have to loosen up just a bit–or become an open (as opposed to covert, as they have been) shill for the Left. It puts them in a bind and rips off their mask of impartiality.

So it’s not just that Twitter is more free. It’s that ALL platforms now have to at least grudgingly give a little ground to free speech. I mean, do you think they won’t hear, “What’s the big deal? I can bring this subject up on Twitter!” Any squelching of free speech will now show in high relief.

People who chafe under the draconian Speech Stalinism™ of other platforms will flee to the freedom of Twitter. And now that there has been some freedom, the toothpaste of falsehood and tyranny is out of the tube–it can’t be jammed back in. Ask the former USSR.

In other words, it forces those others to drop the mask and changes the culture. A bit.

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