Chumps Dishonesty

Look, we’ve ALL

had enough of Mitt Stinkin’ Romney!

Romney is absolutely dishonest. He pretended to be something he wasn’t in order to get elected.

“And — yet again — Mitt Romney gives a milquetoast response, showing us once more, he has no backbone,” Staggs said.

… “This guy votes to add trillions in spending, votes twice to impeach President Trump, but then turns around and votes to confirm guys like Open Borders Mayorkas and Radical Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson,” he said, adding “it’s unacceptable.”

Romney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And he only got to where he is by lying to the good people of Utah! Sorry, I don’t side with dishonesty…

He is the reincarnation of that lying moral turd Harry Reid, only with better hair!

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