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The Woke is

strong with Marvel! And it is <gasp!> a story about vigilanteism. Imagine that!

Marvel Comics has been slowly moving to materially alter its “Punisher” character after years of disgust at pro-police groups and conservatives using the character’s white skull logo, but now, in the company’s latest Punisher series, it looks like they have set up the complete end of Frank Castle.

They did the wimpy “Harry Potter” thing to Frank Castle. He didn’t turn into a sniveling bureaucrat like Harry Potter did, but he has a new job as an enforcer for an organization of assassins. But like Harry Potter, he suddenly became a toady…

Yeah, as if THAT makes a lick of sense!

Like Harry Potter, it absolutely is not faithful to the character arc, but it does suck-up to the Lefty authors!

Actually, I’m just fine with Marvel running away. The real “Punisher” symbol will FAR outlive the comic book, and is already far more influential! And the new design totally sucks! Here’s the old one:

So go ahead, run away, little boy! You don’t belong here, anyway. Frank Castle would chew you up and spit your sorry soy-boy butt out…

What losers!

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