Well, let’s see

what happens.

What makes me laugh is that metaphorically, Leftists were given two “bowls” of chocolate pudding to choose from. One “bowl” was Trump. Now that chocolate had some artificial flavor (Hershey’s syrup) in it. It wasn’t made from Belgian chocolate. And it had some cheap Carnation powdered milk in it instead of fresh, grass-fed Jersey-cow cream. And sometimes, to be honest, that bowl of chocolate pudding was just not all it could have been–or that you wished it were. A nice change but plebeian, really.

So Leftists chose the other bowl. And it was a bowl of poop. But it didn’t have that “box” flavor the other had, and it didn’t have powdered milk in it and cheapo Hershey’s syrup! [shudder]

And so the Left happily gobbled up the bowl of crap… And now their breath stinks.

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