Dementia Joe Lefty Political Philosophy Stooooopid!

And yet,

and yet, in ALL my days I have neither before seen nor even heard of people selling guns out of the back of a truck! You know, like you might sell a load of pumpkins out of the back of your truck!

Biden: “Down in Philadelphia and New York, areas I know well, like up here, you’d see a truck pull up, pull to the curb and selling weapons, selling guns, selling AR-15s.”

Huh? What is this loony yammering on about? What a maroon! What a liar! He has never seen that! I call bullcrap. Yes, and I have lived in those areas.

And just who on earth would even buy one of these guns if such a thing ever did happen? No one with more sense than a turnip! Only someone totally unfamiliar with gun ownership would believe such a laughably stupid and obviously false claim.

Yeah, Biden knows his audience and is just snookering them! And/or he himself is that astonishingly ignorant.

God save the queen!

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