Captain Obvious Despicable

Yeah, people

are pretty dang torqued about the khaki-pants, masked Fed infiltrators. And watch, when unmasked the groveling Fed hides his face with his hands! Dead giveaway.

REAL patriots don’t wear masks and khaki pants! Just look at them–it is pretty stinkin’ obvious which ones are the Fed plants!

Sheesh! How lame can they be?

Protestors are starting to wise up to this evil Fed tactic. And they should…

I laughed to see that back guy pummel the crap out if the Fed! Just hilarious! Someone is going to remember this infiltration attempt for a good long while!

Oh, they’re evil, all right. But the intruders are not NAZIs. NAZIs my butt! They are Feds. DUH!

This Fed tactic no longer works. But never fear, the Feds will make more and different attempts. Cameras and video cameras. Everyone has them in their pocket, so make good use of them! Pair them with names. And anyone who refuses to unmask and give their name for a photo is almost for sure a Fed plant. Act accordingly…

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