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I just don’t think

this fad will last a ton longer. It is way too despicable on its face to continue long-term. It may well just become not viable, from a legal perspective. Insurance companies will shy like a rearing stallion in terms of paying for it. Sex re-assignment surgery will join lobotomies, turbinate surgery for hysteria, and “recovered memory” in the list of nutty and damaging medical fads.

An undercover report by conservative commentator Matt Walsh showed a nurse practitioner at Plume reportedly approving a patient for orchiectomy — testicle removal — after a video call that lasted just 22 minutes. The nurse also wrote a recommendation letter that described journalist posing as a patient as gender dysphoric despite the patient saying several times that he did not consistently experience dysphoria. The nurse told the journalist that he should be listed as dysphoric in his recommendation letter for testicle removal, because that would be the only way to get insurance to pay for the operation. [emphasis added]

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