Culture Stooooopid!

Folks, behold

the definition of, “PWNED!”

THAT, my friend, is a full-body burn! I’m not sure Kimmel’s getting up after that. Is he dumb as a sack of hair? Apparently…

I think he is just mad that Hollywood and the movie theaters shut down because of COVID and nobody in the public cared one bit!

Where are the young movie stars to pull the movies out of the crapper? I can think of a few, but you can count them on one hand and have fingers left over.

Quick! Name a big movie star under the age of 50. And remember, Tom Cruise turns 61 in a couple of days. Daniel Craig is 55. Jackie Chan is just a few months shy of 70. Harrison Ford turns 81 in two weeks or so. Maybe Angelina Jolie, who is only 48–but I’m not sure she really counts.

But Chris Pratt does–he is only 44. Are there others that leap to the minds of people who are not Hollywood aficionados?

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