Bad Faith Media Flying Monkeys Perfidy

It’s unreal.

The Left is trying to silence RFK Jr.

Pretty much, the entrenched Left and their MSM lackeys have become the “palace guard” for Biden, along with the DOJ and most other bureaucracies.

No matter when it started, the censorship regime is in full swing, justified by the reinvention of the term “misinformation” as “Any speech that is inconvenient to the Elite.”

And while I am no fan of RFK Jr., I am a fan of fairness. Simply put, RFK Jr. is a major threat to Biden. So the palace guard springs into action to preserve the doddering king–and themselves…

RFK Jr. was essentially tossed off of Instagram before he put up a single post. I wrote about that earlier, and it suggests that the company (Meta/Facebook) intended to prevent any speech by RFK Jr. before he uttered a word. There were no Terms of Service violations. He simply opposes Biden. We certainly know that Meta does what it can to please the government, and we can be sure that this pleases Joe Biden’s campaign very much indeed. Whether an explicit request went out–we don’t know–it hardly matters.

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