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The window

where there can be change is rapidly closing. And Harris may well be the first shoe to drop:

Harris was the first to drop out of the Democratic primary in 2020, yet Biden nonetheless selected her as his running mate, indicating she was selected for her gender and race. Her performance as VP puts to rest that merit played any role.

… Harris is her party’s worst nightmare. Remember, a Republican theme is that a vote for the aging Joe Biden is in fact a vote for President Kamala Harris. But if President Biden does not run, then as vice president she is presumed heir apparent. More importantly, suppose Biden is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office.” Harris would replace him and get a head start.

The truth is, Harris is a horrible candidate, and utterly distasteful to most people. There is a reason she was the first Democrat to drop out of the Democrat primary–before primary voting even started. She was THAT bad!

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