Captain Obvious Incompetence

Yeah, well

EVERYONE knows that! But everyone knew that before the election, too.

Joe Biden’s competence is not now and never has been the issue. The issue has always been political identity, not the candidate.

Lefties never liked Joe Biden. And they still don’t I mean, c’mon, why on earth would anyone actually like him? No, they didn’t vote for Biden, they voted against Trump. DUH! I know no one who voted FOR Biden. I’ve only ever met people who voted AGAINST Trump. A moldy banana would have served just as well…

THAT is why RFK, Jr. is such a HUGE threat to entrenched Leftists!

Not to beat a dead horse, but everyone on both sides of the aisle recognizes Biden’s age and cognitive decline as a massive problem. 

… No matter how much his Democratic cronies run cover for him, Biden is unfit to serve. Period. End of story. Any claims to the contrary are gaslighting. 

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