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You know,

it’s a GREAT way to avoid military fitness standards!

Sorry, but this guy very clearly would not pass the PRT (fitness standards test).

When I was active duty, I saw many people discharged purely because they no longer met the fitness standards–they failed the PRT. It was quite a common thing. And people did all sorts of things in order to “make weight.”

Obviously not this guy!

One guy I worked with fought and died over the USMC PRT (which is a little different than the other branches). In that PRT, you had to do two pull-ups. Well, this guy was FAR from overweight, but he had incredible lower body strength–and he had HUGE legs, like tree trunks. Needless to say, he was unable to do two pull-ups.

So the USMC discharged him for PRT failure.

Today I would sue for sexual identity discrimination. It’s not at all a fair and even application of the rules to say that one person has to meet standards while another doesn’t because of sexual identity!

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