Bad Faith Cowardice

This guy just

can’t manage a debate. He doesn’t have the intellectual wherewithal to do so anymore.

Mark my words: There will be HUGE Lefty efforts to prevent Biden from debating at all–and of course it will be Trump’s fault, they will say. Trump is just too uncouth for Joe Biden to engage. I would be shocked if Joe did it even once.

See, THAT is already the Lefty script. You’ve seen it in other races. You’ve even seen it on this very blog! This is the Lefty way: Never actually debate ideas–you could lose. Better to run screaming away than to get beat down in a logical argument (and admit fault and have to change), Lefties say. Because there IS no change without first acknowledging that there is a fault! Step one, Lefties!

So there is this pervasive “mold” of Lefties running away from any defense of their ideas. And those ideas are so closely tied to a sense of self and self worth that anything that puts those ideas at risk is potentially an existential threat.

Is it cowardice? Well, sure it is, but that misses their strategic point. Their point is to never wrestle with difficult issues–and certainly not in front of someone who disagrees with them, thus preserving self-image!

And being correct is a core attribute to the Lefty personality. So to protect their (rather fragile) sense of self, it is crucial that they never argue. Thus, running away makes perfect sense.

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