Current Events

It really has

not been a good couple of weeks for Biden.

He lost on Affirmative Action. Then he lost on his student loan payola scheme. Then Hunter (most likely) brought cocaine into the White House, where it was found. “Bidenomics” became the punch line to a sick joke.

Then free speech was upheld for a wedding planner who didn’t want to be coerced by the state. Hunter pleaded guilt to crimes so he could get a sweetheart deal. The House Ways and Means committee moved to hear from the IRS whistleblowers.

On June 28, Biden emerged from the White House with visible marks on his face from a medical device, which the White House later conceded was due to the president’s use of a machine to treat sleep apnea. The images of him with the marks are likely to bolster critics who say the president is aging too quickly to make an effective leader.

He repeatedly confused the current war in Ukraine with the past war in Iraq. He also wrapped up a gun control speech with, “God save the Queen.” Everyone scratched their heads over that one…

Yes, there was a ray of sunlight breaking over the Lefty Orcs. And they were staggered by it.

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