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Yes, Democrats

are faced with a puzzler: Just when would be the optimal time for Joe Biden to drop out? Its seems pretty obvious to me that he very likely will, But then again, “Dr.” Jill will try to prevent that…

As stated in this space in the past, I don’t believe Biden will be the Democratic nominee in 2024. Now, while the president, his White House and his allies may predictably denounce such speculation as ridiculous or wishful thinking, what if I and others turn out to be correct?

… If Biden does drop out of the race, will he wait too long to do so? And, should that be the case, will Vice President Kamala Harris — whom few Democrats truly have confidence in — get crushed in the general election by the Republican nominee?

Right now Democrats are faced with running an obviously doddering old man, a widely-hated and incompetent and self-entitled VP, a horribly weak and unpopular Democrat Governor–of California!, an outright kook in RFK, Jr. or some no-name doof that we all haven’t even heard of in a Presidential race context.

And it’s even worse if Kamala raises a stink about not being selected–and she will assuredly lose in a primary. She didn’t even make it to the first vote last time! It’s an open question whether selecting her would be worse or better for the DNC.

Election fraud may have its limits…

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