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Understand TWO

things well:

First is that dementia decreases the “filter” most of us have. As we age, that “filter” gets thin and is more easily breached.

Alzheimer’s wards are famous for all kinds of unpredictable assaults (including sexual assaults). Restraint of impulses gets lower and lower, and the underlying personality traits get more and more prominent.

These outbursts are NOT an indication of no dementia in Joe Biden. Quite the opposite!

Second is that we are seeing a campaign by certain parts of the panicked Left to oust Joe Biden. They see the disaster coming.

Other Lefties are trying to defend him, but of course it is a losing battle. His condition is progressive–there may be good days and moments, but over weeks and months it ONLY goes downhill.

I buy the part about the rants happening but the notion that the perpetually addled idiot we see in virtually every public appearance suddenly becomes engaged and just bursting with brilliant questions is a tough sell. A more plausible explanation is that his outbursts are highly irrational because he is always confused. As Robert notes, this would be a sign of dementia.

The very sudden negative flurry of news stories about Biden is a tactical retreat by the Left. Biden’s raging dementia just can’t be blithely waved away anymore, and it is becoming increasingly clear that he is in no shape to face another campaign.

So a faction of Lefties want him to drop out NOW, while there is still time to get someone else going. The ruse that Biden would run again was always just an attempt for him at avoiding Lame Duck status.

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