Civil Rights Disgusting!

Oh yes, it’s

still happening. OF COURSE it is!

If you had any doubts whatsoever about a judge’s order to have the government stop talking to social media platforms, this story should answer the last of your questions. (The Justice Department is fighting the order.) It’s now being reported that the FBI has, over the past year, been working with the SBU – the Ukrainian Security Service, similar to America’s FBI – to shut down the spread of supposed “Russian disinformation.” The method of choice is, as you would guess, to shut down the social media accounts of people or groups critical of the Ukrainian government or the war in Ukraine. And they’ve shut down quite a few of them, including those of American journalists reporting on events in the region. 

… The real irony here is that the FBI was so uncritical in its evaluation of the information coming from the SBU that it was simply passing along the lists of accounts to be suspended to Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. Most of the time the accounts were censored without question.

… No matter which side the users came down it, the end result was the same. It was censorship by the government, plain and simple. 

I agree. No matter where your political loyalties lie, we can agree that we should preserve civil rights, right?

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