Civil Rights Wisdom

Understand well

what the 2nd amendment is all about. Leftists have gone FAR astray thinking it is about guns. But it isn’t. Lefties tend to live in a fantasy world where the prosperity and ease that is all we know are the norms of humanity and will always be our lot in life.

Well, that is NOT the case. So understand that the 2nd amendment is about the ability to resist a despotic government. Just like the Minute-Men were called upon to defend their country and freedom and the pursuit of happiness, so WE, the modern regular citizens, need to be ready at a moment’s notice to do the same thing.

Look, a standing army is necessary to the survival of this country. An army prevents others from coming in and taking control. So we truly need that defense.

Unfortunately, a despot would, if he can (and very often does), turn that standing army against its own citizens. You know, just like Britain did to us!

THEREFORE, because a standing army is necessary to keep the country from being conquered, THE PEOPLE must balance that out (the founders were big on checks and balances) and have the “unalienable” right to keep and bear arms–that right “shall not be infringed. The people must be able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government–just like what happened in the Revolutionary war!

SO, the FIRST amendment was set to ensure free speech and such. But the SECOND was to makes sure that the people could defend themselves against a despotic leader. At a moment’s notice.

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