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Well, we all

know it’s just a lame cover-up. They know dang well. And so do you. We ALL know who the most likely culprit is. But if that became official, it would very likely sink his sweetheart plea deal…

No one is going to buy this. The general area is under video surveillance, and there is a log of people who enter the West Wing. There are a maximum of several hundred possible suspects…

… I would think that the list of people who had access to the lockers where the cocaine was found would be a lot fewer than the 500 or so who entered that general area of the West Wing. Those folks would be a good place to start for a list of suspects.

Who had the key to locker 50 checked out to them? People, it’s really not that hard!

When some people can violate the law with impunity because they are some sort of “nobility,” it destroys the rule of law. Why should I obey the speed limit if it is OK for Hunter Biden to snort coke in the White House and evade taxes? If there’s no equal application of the law–if justice is not blind–why would I even be bound by it?

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