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Don’t believe

the narrative.

To the surprise of no one, the leftist corporate media’s coverage of the 2024 presidential race has been abysmal. Predictably, their reporting is full of omissions, half truths, and wishful thinking. Once again, they only report their preferred narratives, in a desperate attempt to persuade stupid people and gullible news outlets into believing them, including Conservative Inc.

… If that list wasn’t bad enough, now factor in that even the people who somehow still support Biden’s disastrous job killing, energy industry destroying, unconstitutional student debt canceling, equity agenda, don’t want him to run for re-election.

As I have said, I would be MORE than happy to vote for Donald Trump for the third time. The idea of a raging bull Trump back in the White House fills me with glee. It would just be so satisfying to hear the weeping and wailing–the Lefty tears would be delicious! And it would be very good for the country.

BUT, there is also another option.

There is nothing the coastal media elites would like more than to write off Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, before the first GOP debate has even occurred, because they know he has beaten the left on virtually every issue.

… Remember, the same people telling us that the DeSantis campaign is already over before it’s even two months old are the same people who have spent the past four years calling him a fascist.

… These are the same dishonest hacks who lied to us about the Russian Collusion hoax, the same people who said that the BLM riots that made Minneapolis look like Nagasaki, circa July 1945, were “mostly peaceful,” the same people who advocated for lockdowns and school closures during COVID, and the same people who cover for Biden’s senility and his family’s corruption. But somehow, we’re supposed to believe that they’re fair and impartial arbiters of the state of the 2024 GOP race?

So let’s not get too hasty, here. It is early yet, and DeSantis has the personal attributes to eschew immediate gratification and play the long game.

Let me be clear: I will vote for Trump with a smile on my face if he is the nominee. Trump supporters should say the same of DeSantis. Because at the end of the day, this is ALL about saving our country! Let’s keep our eye on the ball, here…

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