Bad Faith Political philosophy

Here is my

concern: Biden becomes a scapegoat for the Left. The horrible economy, the execrable foreign policy, the abysmal domestic policy, the large-scale corruption, the just plain stupid/evil energy policies: They ALL get laid at the feet of the doddering Joe Biden–as if his manifest incompetence is the underlying reason why those policies failed. The Lefty assertion will be, “The policies were good, it’s just that Joe Biden was bad. REAL Leftism would work!”

But don’t fall for that dodge!

The truth is, NO. Those policies totally suck, not just Joe Biden. This is simply trying to weasel out of it by hanging the failures on him. It is not merely that Biden was an incompetent, IT IS THAT THE POLICIES THEMSELVES ARE HORRIBLE! These are not decent polices that have been poorly executed, they are sucky policies in the first place, no matter WHO would have implemented them!

Yeah, it’s a variant of the old saw, “But REAL Communism has never been tried!” Sure, whatever.

So don’t let them hang all this on Senile Old Joe Biden. Leftism itself is the weak link, here. It leads directly to force and coercion and human suffering, which is the final common pathway of ALL Leftism! But the hard Left desperately doesn’t want to be honestly introspective and thus reach that conclusion in themselves. And they certainly don’t want others to notice that truth!

Actual introspection is painful to them. It is an existential threat…

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