Is this the beginning

of the end for the Biden crime family?

I honestly don’t know. But Hunter is in a world of legal hurt, his sweetheart plea went down faster than Joe Biden tripping over a bag of sand, and Joe himself is looking more senile and infirm each day!

There are rumblings in the House about impeaching him for his obvious corruption, and in addition, many Democrats really don’t want him to run for 2024. See, the Biden “caca touch” is hurting fellow Democrats now! And Democrat reliance on voter fraud (yet again) seems to be far from such a sure bet, now.

I’m not getting excited, yet. Democrat corruption has not faced justice in 30 years! I have NO faith that we will start seeing it now…

Plus, it is very much my preference that Democrats NOT drop Joe Biden like a hot rock. No, I want him hung around their necks like a stinky dead albatross.

Democrat strategy seems to be to make Biden a scapegoat. Sacrifice that senile old buzzard (and get rid of cackling Kamala) to keep the spotlight off the real problem, which is Leftism itself!

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