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So this

is a little surprising, given how in-the-tank for Biden they have been.

So what has changed?

But it has slowly become increasingly acceptable for these talking heads and the major newspapers to finally point out the obvious. Joe Biden is too far gone, both in physical stamina and mental acuity to handle the job of the Leader of the Free World. They still generally try to be polite about it, but the tripping, falling, mumbling, and bumbling have become too much to ignore. And now even NBC News has jumped on the bandwagon.

… NBC even “went there” regarding Biden’s failure to attend the leadership dinner at the NATO summit and seemed to scoff at the lame excuse offered by his aides. He wasn’t “working on the speech” that he wound up flubbing anyway. He was exhausted and it was far past his bedtime. Biden barely puts in four hours on most days when he’s in Washington.

Sure, Biden is incompetent. We ALL know that (though some are more willing to be open about it than others). But Democrats have a real problem:

If it’s not Biden, then who? They can’t afford to force him out because then the Democrats would be stuck with cackling Kamala Harris who is incredibly somehow even less popular than Biden.

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