Malignant Leftism Political philosophy

It’s not at all

surprising to me that Leftism is so linked to anxiety and depression. As a psychologist, that makes total sense to me. Not even a surprise.

In 2021, Scott McGreal, writing in Psychology Today, reported that an American study demonstrated  a link between high levels of neuroticism and liberal politics. Additional findings from a British study later that same year indicated a similar link between left-wing political views on economics and the environment (among other issues) and the occurrence of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and phobias.

See, Leftism needs a constant state of impending doom in order to function. You know, “We have five years to save the planet or we are doomed!” Also, “Everyone around you that believes differently than you is racist and dangerous! So you better vote Democrat or it will be a catastrophe!” And, “There’s something we have to do right now (maybe eat bugs?) or the world will collapse in a fireball!”

Just think about living day after day in that state. So you would be very worried about many things. After a while, your ability to stay on such a fevered psychological pitch just gets exhausted, and you collapse into indifference, helplessness, and depression.

So you get to be anxious, depressed, or both. Welcome to the Lefty Pleasure Dome! Leftism IS the philosophy of human misery.

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