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Just why on earth

would you be surprise at that? To quote Forrest Gump (a movie I totally hate), “Are you stupid or something?”

Zooming out, it appears that Hunter Biden’s team was intent on getting it on the record that by signing the plea, all investigations into Hunter Biden (and by virtue, possible future charges related to them) would be ended. Meanwhile, the DOJ seemed happy to let that happen until the judge threw up a roadblock.

… It is highly improper that the DOJ allowed things to get to this point, and I doubt very many onlookers will be giving the department the benefit of the doubt that it was all just a mistake. If the prosecutors involved, including David Weiss, were trying to give Hunter Biden global immunity via a wink and a nod while still keeping the investigation open, that’s scandalous and a clear attempt to try to manipulate the judge.

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