Current Events

OK, so we are now

seeing the fall-back position. We have seen this tactic numerous times before from the Left. For example, being forced to move from “Global Warming” to the far more nebulous “Climate Change.”

Also, Democrats went from “There is no voter fraud” to “There is no significant voter fraud” to the utterly illogical “There is no voter fraud that has changed the outcome of an election” (then just why would one take the risk of prison and do it? Hmmm). Of course, now the response is just, “Shut up! I refuse to talk to you at all!”

So now we are seeing the same retreat into a “modified, limited hangout.” Joe initially said, “I have never known anything about Hunter’s business dealings” but now says, “I am not in business with Hunter.”

THIS is the Lefty way! It’s not just a corrupt and doddering Joe Biden, it is Leftism itself.

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