The truth is

I don’t think the COVIDians will ever ‘fess up and admit their fault. Yes, they were horribly and grotesquely wrong. And what they did was evil.

But I really don’t think they are psychologically capable of admitting fault. It is too ego-dystonic for them. It is a threat to their core narcissistic processes.

Because the authorities, bureaucrats, politicians and media who insisted on all this view themselves as good people, good people who simply don’t do awful things … you know, like wreck the health of strangers, kill their elderly parents in hospital, isolate them in their homes, ruin their business, shred their mental health and wreck the education of their children. Nice people, well-intentioned people simply don’t do evil things like that … and they are nice people, with the best intentions in the world … so they simply didn’t do any of those things. Expressing sincere regret and apologies would mean admitting that they aren’t nice people, with the best intentions in the world. So, they never will own up to the incalculable damage. They simply can’t. and still maintain their self-image as nice people. [emphasis added]

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